Largest Kegerator Brings Beer To Halifax

Maine Breweries were present every 13 years that the Halifax Seaport Cider and Beerfest were a phenomenon, but this year the Pine Tree State really kicked it into gear. Sean Sullivan, managing director of the Maine Brewers Guild, the Maine Beer Box is a 12-meter shipping container transformed into the world’s leading kegerator.

The box will be serving 83 beers from 65 breweries on Friday and Saturday, arriving on the waterfront this week. The director said what was supposed to be an eight-month project was overwhelmed in a month and a half, from the first container reductions to placing it on a boat to Iceland in May 2017. Halifax is the Maine Beer Box’s third global venue, which last year traveled to Leeds, England.

In the North Atlantic, there is a tremendous chance for trade between here in the Maritimes and Northern America, as well as Northern Europe. There’s an enormous quantity of business. Let’s put it this way: last year (it cost) $5,000 when we trucked the (Maine Beer Box) north of Maine and back from Portland. When we sent it to the United Kingdom. It was about twelve hundred dollars last year.

International shipping of beer is a bureaucratic-heavy undertaking, and the Maine Brewers Guild has worked closely with trade representatives and embassies to smooth out the information of Iceland and the UK. initiatives. Talks began eight months ago with the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp to garner the permissions to let the attraction attend.

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