YES! It is still us! It’s Kendall and Kim Jones — the
Washington Beer Blog
. We have a whole new look here at the Washington Beer
Blog. It’s been a long time coming and we hope you think it is as
beautiful and functional as we do.

washington beer blog

First up, we need to extend our kindest thanks to the good folks
at Blindtiger
. They are responsible for the entirely new
branding: the logos, color scheme, and so on. We’ve featured a
lot of work by Blindtiger here on the blog over the last few years,
but it has always been work that they have done for other people.
They work with a lot of breweries and now that we’ve worked with
them ourselves, we understand why. They are brilliant,
comprehensive, and really nice people too.

washington beer blog logo

Next, huge appreciation to Brett Anderson! He did all the heavy
lifting in terms of updating and relaunching the website. With
Blindtiger’s help, it was easy to make things pretty, but
migrating 12 years’ worth of data to a new database? Making sure
site relaunch, built on a new platform, all went smoothly? Way
above our paygrade.

Anyway, we hope you appreciate the new site. Perhaps you’ve
already noticed that it looks much better on your phone or other
device. Get used to our new look and we’ll keep you informed
about everything happening in the world of Washington beer and

Kendall and Kim

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Welcome to the new Washington Beer Blog!
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