Town Brewing Co. Cruise to Nowhere, 4.8% ABV
is a tropical session sour ale brewed in Charlotte, North Carolina,
and fermented with mango, guava, passion fruit, blood orange
& Hibiscus. Cruise to Nowhere is the 2019
Great American Beer Festival (GABF) gold medal winner.
Cruise to Nowhere pours a pinkish-red color with
an almost two finger thin white head that fades steadily with
fruity tropical aromas that are sour with a touch of tropical
flora. Now the taste has a nice tropical fruit flavor of passion
fruit which is bigger than that of the mango and guava, and toward
the middle and rear of the mouth, you get a nice blood orange
citrus fruit. The overall tropical flavor is sour and tart without
being too sour that it squinches up your face and finishes with a
tropical sour/tartness and with a nice tropical sour aftertaste
that is quite refreshing with a lighter mouthfeel. I can easily see
how and why Town Brewing Co. Cruise to Nowhere won
gold at GABF, it is definitely getting an A here. This sour beer is
just the right combo of sour to tropical fruit make for a real gold
medal winner that you should not miss out on, it a good beer!
Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!  

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