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Well, despite not opening their Roxborough location (Night
Shift Brewing Cancels Expansion into Philly
), it looks like
Night Shift Brewing will still be coming to Philadelphia and
Pennsylvania after all.

They have made a distribution agreement with Penn Beer
Distributors to bring their beers into Southeastern Pennsylvania.
Penn Beer Distributors used to occupy the Domino Lane building
before moving to Hatfield, Montgomery County in 2019. Penn Beer
should begin distributing and delivering the Night Shift Brewing
beers in mid-November (2020). They currently also distribute for
some other big breweries such as Budweiser, Becks, Victory, and

“Night Shift partners Rob Burns, Mike O’Mara, and Michael
Oxton were applying for building permits for a vast building at 401
Domino Lane when the nation began to shut down. “We got concerned
with the project,” Burns said. “We didn’t know what the
future would hold, and we had to protect the mother ship before we
extended ourselves further.” So that project was scuttled, though
they officially say it’s “on pause” because they would like
to open a plant in the Philadelphia area some day.” (Source:

The Philadelphia Inquirer Online

The Night Shift Brewers
at their Massachusetts Brewery (photo courtesy of Night Shift

For the Philadelphia and South Eastern Pennsylvania area this is
great news, as Night Shift Brewing is consistently some of the
highest quality beers on the East Coast. Due to the COVID-19
outbreak, pandemic, and subsequent quarantine and lockdown they had
to forego their 10$ Million dollar expansion that was originally
going to bring them lock, stock, and barrel into Philadelphia.

You can read more about their cancellation of their expansion
Night Shift Brewing Cancels Expansion into Philadelphia

And you can read The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s online edition
news article about Penn Beer Distributors and Night Shift
Brewing’s distribution agreement here:
Night Shift Brewing is Coming to Philadelphia After All Thanks to
New Distribution Deal

Night Shift Brewing

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