New Realm Brewing Introduces First of Five 2020-21 Barrel-Aged Series Releases

New Realm

New Realm Brewing Introduces First of Five 2020-21 Barrel-Aged
Series Releases: Barbados Rum Barrel-Aged Oaxaca Choca Imperial
Mexican Chocolate Stout

November 5th , 2020 New Realm’s Wooded Reserve series represents
the true spirit of brewing exploration and harkens back to the
original renaissance of beer spurred by the hardworking barrel
makers; the coopers. Virtually every beer in the 1800s was
barrel-aged, and it’s from this handmade heritage that their
barrel-aged beers were born. Raise a glass to tomorrow, and to
yesterday with New Realm’s first release: Barbados Rum
Barrel-Aged Oaxaca Choca Imperial Mexican Chocolate Stout.

New Realm Brewing kicks off their 2020-21 Wooded Reserve Series
with a barrel-aged version of fan-favorite Oaxaca Choca. The
base-beer, an Imperial Stout reminiscent of Mexican- style hot
chocolate, is loaded with cinnamon, vanilla, chili peppers and
locally roasted cacao nibs courtesy of Xocolatl Chocolates in
Atlanta, GA. The standard version was just released in October for
its third year – and this year New Realm wanted to do something
extra special.

The innovative brewers at New Realm aged Oaxaca Choca for six
months in Barbados Rum Barrels and the finished product will have
you running to your beer fridge – and stashing some away for
vintage tastings for years to come. This beer is creamy,
full-bodied, with notes of cocoa, cinnamon, and raisin. You’ll
notice light burnt sugar notes provided by the rum barrels, while
the oak is enhanced by the subtle vanilla in the beer.
“Oaxaca Choca was developed by Mitch’s team in our inaugural
year, a beautiful Imperial Mexican Chocolate Stout that is always
one of our most sought-after annual releases,†said Bob Powers,
Co-Founder and Chief Sales Marketing Officer for New Realm Brewing.
“We decided to age it in rum barrels to up the ante even further
– now the oak, coconut, vanilla, and molasses rum flavors from
aging in the wood, complement the chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and
pepper notes of the original beer.â€

New Realm Brewing will only be releasing a small amount of 500 ML
bottles and draft in limited distribution with independent package
retailers in Georgia and Virginia.

Information: Barbados Rum Barrel-Aged Oaxaca Choca
ï‚· Style: Imperial Mexican Chocolate Stout aged in Barbados Rum
ï‚· Unique Ingredients: Chili peppers, cinnamon, vanilla, locally
roasted cacao nibs, and
lactose sugar

ï‚· Specs: 10.8% ABV
ï‚· Appearance: Black
ï‚· Package: 500 ML Bottles
 Distribution: Throughout Georgia and Virginia – very
ï‚· Availability: November 10th

  2020-2021 Barrel-Aged Series:
ï‚· 11/10/20 – Barbados Rum BBL-Aged Oaxaca Choca – LIMITED 500ML
ï‚· 12/14/20 – Woodford Reserve BBL-Aged Imperial Brown Ale –
LIMITED 500ML Bottles
ï‚· 1/26/21 – Templeton Rye BBL-Aged Doomsday Hound Russian
Imperial Stout – LIMITED
500ML Bottles
ï‚· 3/9/21 – Barbados Rum BBL-Aged Imperial Brown Ale – LIMITED
500ML Bottles
ï‚· 4/20/21 – Bourbon BBL-Aged Reserve Tripel – LIMITED 500ML

New Realm Brewing is located at 550 Somerset Terrace NE in Atlanta,
Georgia (30306) and 1209 Craft Lane in Virginia Beach, Virginia
(23454). For a complete list of hours, information on private
events and public tours, as well as additional information, visit

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