Mornington Peninsula Brewery have launched a
non-alcoholic beer called Mornington Free Pale Ale – the
brand’s first foray into the swiftly growing drinks

Following in the footsteps of multiple other Australian craft
breweries this year alone, Mornington Free’s arrival comes as the
demand for non-alcoholic craft beer gathers pace in line with a
move to more lifestyle friendly drink choices.

In their media release, Tribe Breweries, that acquired
Mornington Peninsula Brewery in 2018, cited Nielsen research that
showed “nearly half (46 per cent) of Australian men are consuming
less alcohol, and this is observed predominantly in those over 40.
When exploring the reasons behind the reduction in alcohol
consumption, 32 per cent of beer drinkers have revealed that they
simply want to live a healthier lifestyle”.

Tribe’s Head of Innovation Roland Thiemann told Beer &
Brewer that combining a craft brewery’s talents with the trend
towards lower or non alcoholic beers made perfect sense.

“We think craft has an advantage over mainstream
(non-alcoholic) lagers because what they do is they strip out the
alcohol altogether whereas we have brewed it to be less than 0.5%
and have found a way to ferment it a little bit to get more flavour
and esters going,” he said.

“It’s a really refreshing liquid, a little fruity on the
nose, so it’s a really good alternative, if you can’t drink, or
you choose not to drink, to your regular pale ale.

“People want to be more health conscious, and they are
thinking about the amount of alcohol they want to consume. So a
liquid that allows you to still experience the good aspects of a
beer without the bad, it exactly fits this time.”

Co-founder and CEO of Tribe Breweries Anton Szpitalak said:
“The development and introduction of low-no alcohol beers into
our range of brands has been a top priority for Tribe over the past
year. Mornington Peninsula Brewery has a very strong heritage and
reputation in the craft space, making it an ideal collaboration as
we explore this new market.

“With more people wanting to reduce their alcohol consumption,
the market has widened completely. Our focus has thus been to work
hard with the team at Mornington to ensure that our drop is not
just another ‘alcohol-free’ beer, but actually tastes, feels
and drinks as sessionably as any standard pale ale.”

Tribe said Mornington Free is brewed using a unique recipe and
fermented with a special yeast, where instead of producing regular
alcohol it produces esters, “which are extremely important in
giving beer its distinctive taste and mouthfeel”.

Mornington Free is now available to purchase at a range of
independent retailers. For more information and list of stockists,
head here.

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