Mash at 148°F (64°C) for 75 minutes and sparge as usual to
collect the full pre-boil volume. Bring wort to a boil, or at least
to 180°F (82°C), just to sterilize. Chill wort to 110°F (43°C).
Check pH and gravity, and add lactic acid, if needed, to reduce pH
to 4.5 for safety.

Decant the Goodbelly juice and pitch the Lactobacillus sediment
into the wort. Keep this wort around 90–100°F (32–38°C) for
two days for souring to take place. After two days, measure pH and
gravity. The gravity should not have changed much, but the pH
should have fallen into the low 3s (ours fell to about 3.3). The
soured wort should have a clean sour, grassy smell. If it smells
like vomit, it’s been infected with something else and you may
need to dump it.

Bring the soured wort to boil and add hops and spices at
indicated times. Chill to 70°F (21°C), move to fermenter, and
pitch US-05.

As fermentation wraps up, thaw and refreeze the mango two or
three times to help break down the fruit cell walls. When
fermentation is complete, add the thawed mango and let it sit in
the fermenter for five days.

Cold crash for two days and ensure fruit has settled at the
bottom of the fermenter before packaging.

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