The Irish Brewers Association (IBA), a class organization within the Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland (ABFI), said sales of light and non-alcoholic beverages were up by 60 percent in Ireland between 2017 and 2018 and up to 30,000hlr output.

In Britain, these numbers represent a comparable pattern, with small and alcohol-free beer revenues jumping by 28% from the past 12 months in 2019 until February 2019.

The study arises after Diageo managers say their intention is to create a non-alcoholic substitute of Guinness which is its flagship.

Most micro-producers are also emphasizing light and non-alcoholic drinks, says the IBA.

This follows a sustained decrease in Ireland’s alcohol consumption. The median alcohol intake per adult has declined by 23.2% since 2001, the study says.

The chief director of ABFI claims they see more independently-manufactured and craft manufacturers presenting or concentrating their activities on this lighter product alone.

In other places, this stat can also be seen throughout Europe leading to a substantial spread of non-alcoholic drinks, along with a 33 percent rise in revenues of non-alcoholic drinks. The trend in Spain is that non-alcoholic beer has grown famous, representing around 12 percent of all industry in the beer sector.

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