Foodora Launches On Demand LCBO Pilot

The first of its kind partnership in Toronto allows residents to order their favourite LCBO products upon request from foodora.

This month, foodora has revealed that Toronto is now conducting an on-demand supply pilot of LCBO products. Using foodora, Toronto residents of legal drink age can pick and order same day delivery at their doors from a searchable archive of bestsellers beers and spirits from local LCBOs.

With LCBO items on request, foodora clients may browse through the foodora site or iOS and Android devices to access a curated selection of popular beers and ciders, wines, spirits and ready-mixed drinks. Typically, after placing an order from participating LCBO stores in the Toronto, consumers can expect a 60-minute delivery window.

Offering LCBO delivery on demand in Toronto is a significant achievement in our relationship and development as a business with LCBO and paving the way for easier access to alcoholic beverages. Foodora recognizes the increasingly mobile and connected way Toronto people live, function, play and shop and are committed to ensuring a high-quality service and comfort along with thoughtful consumer solutions every day.

Never before have¬†Ontarians had the opportunity to choose when and how to go shopping with the Liquor Board. Toronto’s growth is the next step in increasing and innovating food and beverage on-demand spatial developments in Canada. Plans are under way to supply the city center with gourmet food, new and wild market produce, Popeye’s drinks, Couche-Tard and Circle K convenient stores, and many more.

Foodora launched in Toronto in 2015 and has become one of the leading on-demand distribution providers in 10 cities across Canada. Today, foodora has over 1,200 franchise partners in Toronto and is able to make its consumers more convenient, affordable and competitive than ever with its expanded offerings through the LCBO.

All foodora drivers from the LCBO in Toronto are accredited as smart servers to provide consumers aged 19 and over with alcohol responsibly. Strictly follow the conscientious LCBO business policy in preventing the sale of alcohol to youth, impaired adults and individuals who attempt to buy alcohol for another user. If the person fails to produce valid ID, appears impaired or attempts to buy a minor or a disabled person, the products will be cancelled and the order will be restored at $20.00.

LCBO delivery on order is available on Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. exclusively via¬†foodora. A flat delivery fee of $6 in Toronto, as per AGCO guidelines, up to an hour before shop closes (varies by location). LCBO’s distribution range includes downtown Toronto; users can verify whether they are within the delivery area by reviewing the foodora request or the portal.

On-Demand Distribution LCBO participating stores:

LCBO Store #149

LCBO Store 415, 232 Dupont Street

LCBO Store #411, 547 Yonge Street

LCBO Store #414, Queensway

LCBO Store #149

LCBO Store #17, Distillery District, 222 Front Street East

LCBO Store #218, Liberty Village, 85 Hanna Place, Unit 103

LCBO Store #534, Roncesvalles Village, 2290 Dundas Street

Since 2015, on-demand food services in 10 cities across Canada have expanded to over 3,000 partner restaurants. Foodora is a green organization, which belongs to Delivery Hero, the pioneer nationwide in the food industry, and strives by using bike and minimizing plastic for single use to minimize its carbon footprint.

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