Silver Moon
revealed the first eight beers in the
Oregon Winter Take-Home Brewfest
mixed case yesterday; it’s
an interesting starting lineup, a mix of several regulars with
seasonals and/or specials that look promising.

The beers are:

  • Silver Moon Brewing – Olde Mill 800 – Craft Malt
  • Crux Fermentation Project – Shakeside Stout – Hybrid Milk
  • Worthy Brewing – Return to Hibernation – Hazy Imperial
  • Ecliptic Brewing – Orange Giant – Barleywine Ale
  • Immersion Brewing – Ring the Alarm – India Red Ale
  • GoodLife Brewing – Pass Stout – American Stout
  • Ex Novo Brewing – Scarlet Starlet – Cherry Sour
  • Bevel Craft Brewing – Max Weight – Wee Heavy

Tickets are on sale through November 9, so I’m hopeful we’ll
get more reveals before then.

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First 8 beers for the Oregon Winter Take-Home Brewfest revealed

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