FiftyFifty Partners With Beijing Hey Pal For Collab

In a week-long trip to Truckee, Columbia, a California craftsmen’s Brewing company FiftyFifty will work together with the Chinese craftsman’s influencer Beijing Hey Pal to create four fresh styles in cooperation with an American brewery.

In close cooperation with the brewers Brian McGilivray, Brewmaker of FiftyFifty, will curate special dishes using distinctive products from Asia, such as goji baits and green tea. During the previous few months they have worked together to plan every detail. And they’re happy to get all innovative and have some fun in the same brewhouse. For this cooperation, the Hey Pal squad is honorable to enter FiftyFifty. They look forward to teaching about their method and getting to know the society in Truckee / Lake Tahoe. During the week, FiftyFifty will hold various activities including a VIP lunch and a panel debate about Chinese customers and the market for artisanal beverages.

Founded in 2007 in Truckee, California and producing exceptional drinks, Brewing Co., FiftyFifty is an genuine mountain town brewery and pub. Their main task is to give their communities and the world a stronger opportunity to have the best knowledge of beer. At the moment, FiftyFifty has award-winning drinks in 24 nations and 14 nations, and is thriving on experimentation in distinctive flavour, creating fresh experiences for both the local and international communities. In the 2018 Great American Beer Festival, FiftyFifty received “Brewery Group of the Year.” Known worldwide for its Imperial Stout Eclipse Barrel Aged, the brewery is also commonly recognized for its different styles such as Donner Party Porter and TRK, and each month fresh models are being tried. For worldwide and local buyers, FiftyFifty tends to surprise professionals and fans with creative fresh solutions.

Their collaborating partners, known as The Hey Pal Brewing Group is a platform that connects different artisanal beer products in China, also recognized as’ Old Pals Brewing Group ‘ founded in 2018. To date, there have been 24 brands, including producers, branches, shops and lovers. The heart of the Hey Pal brand is just like its motto’ Hey Pal! We Brew Friendship!’ as the relationship between all products is inseparable. Read more about the brewing partnership events and see more craft beer news below!

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