Craft Breweries Embrace Art For Sales and Culture

Craft beer makers use extraordinary lengths to create the perfect pint — and in recent times, that attention to detail has also shifted to the exterior can art. In the last 10 years, the amount of craft breweries across the country has more than tripled. As a consequence, brewers don’t just compete for your eye to create the finest tasting drinks.

The customer needs a complete experience now. You don’t want a big beer only. You want to see a lovely can. As far as beer is concerned, there are few on the same terrain as the Heady Topper of The Alchemist. The recipient for Best Beer Label has been announced in a US survey by Heady Topper. The can was one of the world’s most wanted for years. For years. The double IPA inside is among the most famous, and its cover art is one of the most important for artisan beer supporters. Manufacturers really began to look at the racks, the beer cooler and how they were all comparable and how they could stand out. A mark that represents the whole atmosphere, style and sensation can readily be made.

A cooperation with artist and musician Dan Blakeslee resulted in the Alchemist’s cannon. After Blakeslee’s music banners at the movie store in Vermont, the collaboration caught the attention of John Kimmich, the other co-founder of The Alchemist. He was hired for brasserie art and then the Heady Topper label. Blakeslee developed a beard and used an inspirational image of himself. Without ever sampling the wine, he made the dream a reality.

Beer bottles have become a full-time job for artist Megan Penmann. For Other Half Brewing Company, Penmann has created more than 300 label labels, which upgrade four cans each week to Brooklyn, New York.

All social media accounts are devoted to the production of beer labels. The Other Half and its art are tracked over 150,000 followers in the Instagram account of the brewery and the most die-hard fans will take their hands on the road to their latest creation. Some brasseries can even be attributed to the popularity and religion of the models on their containers. Although the craze about the performance of the label art remains the most significant thing.

The coolest thing is that they are currently a component of the craft beer revolution, because everyone actually has to distinguish themselves. Each brewer makes the best beer that can reach the best artists with whom he can work. The important thing is that most of them don’t get too serious. It’s beer in the end of the day! Read the full article here and read more craft beer news now!

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