Corner Store Beer And Wine Coming Slowly For Ontario

Beer and wine hasn’t historically been sold in corner store shops in Ontario. But all this is set to change soon. When questioned about beer and wine in the corner shops on Thursday, the Ontario Finances Minister hit a conciliatory tone. Rod Phillips, who in June took over the position, said that he would not openly discuss but agreed that the Government would move forward in a manner which benefits all parties.

Phillips said there are conferences planned earlier this month with the main breweries that are owned by the beer stores–Molson, Labatt, and Sleeman. He is looking forward to meeting with the CEOs from the three main breweries.

The Beer Store negotiations, signed with the state until 2024 as a sole retailer, with twelve and twenty-four pcs, began disastrous last spring. The government’s passing legislation to nullify the contract and prevent compensation for leakage claiming that the Beer Store would have to pay $1 trillion or more to contract breach. Now Phillips said to journalists that he intends to reach an agreement after a cooling-off period.

“There is always the chance for some sort of agreement where there is openness and an incentive for all parties involved. Phillips said that even while wine and beer may not happen quickly in corner stores, he doesn’t regard that commitment as violated.

“We want this to be more accessible, but we will do so responsibly,” said Phillips, pointing out that the next few months will see 80 fresh LCBO office businesses accessible in the province of Ontario.

In existing rural Ontario shops, agency stores are often found which can not otherwise sustain a complete LCBO site.

The minister has said that the Ontario retail scheme for alcohol is big and complicated and much more than the Beer Store.

The cider sector, the viticulture sector, the corner shops, of course, as well as the food sector and, of course, the big beer manufacturers are all here. “We willl work with them constructively,” said Phillips.

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