Commenting on the release of the Pubs Code Review, CAMRA
Chairman Nik Antona said:

“While it is good to hear that theGovernment has published
the Pubs Code Review and agree with our assessment that the Code is
not working as it should, the proposed course of
action falls far short of the changes needed to deliver on the
principles of ‘no worse off’ and ‘fair and lawful dealing’
enshrined in the Code.

“The Review stops short of making more enforcement
powers available to the Pubs Code Adjudicator and doesn’t
recommend the comprehensive changes needed to address operational
issues that have arisen since the Code came into force, or to
require pub companies to publish information about rents and tied
prices in the interests of transparency.

“We look forward to working with the Department for Business
Energy and Industrial Strategy, and to furthering a case for the
positive changes to the Code that are being considered as a result
of the Review.

“CAMRA will continue to fight for proper reform of
the Pubs Code and for the rights of tied tenants across the UK. At
a time when the outlook is grim for many pubs and brewers, it’s
vital that tenants are supported, rather than subjected to unfair
or potentially unlawful treatment.

“We will also be writing to the six regulated pub
companies to ask them to confirm what rent support they
will provide to both tied and free of tie tenants in England during
the second lockdown period and call on other smaller pub companies
and brewers across England to do the same.“


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