Nearly every acre of the globe has been conquered by the craft beer scene, from Australia to Estonia and just about everywhere between. With unconventional breweries, fresh take on ancient traditions, and pubs that cater to beer enthusiasts of all palates, there’s a brew for you wherever you go. Perhaps not all of them can be drunk, but if you want to get the most punch for your beer buck, grab your bag and get ready to travel!


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Asheville NC, USA

North Carolina has a lengthy tradition of autonomous craft brewing just second to Portland on the breweries-per-capita list. Since 1997, the Green Man Brewery has been filling them with weekly live music at its Dirty Jack’s downtown brewery and taproom — another local staple.

Wicked Weed Brewing created its name to produce sweet beers that are slightly off the beaten track. His Funkatorium is a higher spec outgrowth devoted to sour ales and other wild-fermented drinks, along with its initial brewery and tavern.

If in one stay you can’t get to every Asheville brewery from Hi-Wire to Burial, head over to West Asheville to get a taste of it all from Westville Pub. This watering hole in the neighborhood always holds a variety of regional favourites on hand, as well as All Sevens Brewing’s own craft beers.

Grand Rapids, Michigan – United States

Grand Rapids wants to call itself the Beer City and makes good on the name, not to be eclipsed by larger towns on the shores. Founders Brewing may have placed it on the map (helped by neighboring Bell’s in Kalamazoo), but with over 80 breweries in the region, this western Michigan place took the name and went with it.

Although situated in a converted mortuary, Brewery Vivant is packed with delicious farmhouse ales. Discover their free-fermented Plein de Vie, bourbon barrel-age annual alternatives, and year-round offers such as the Hop Field IPA with Michigan hops in this iconic East Hills site.

Shanghai, China

The fact that China consumes more beer than any other nation — a quarter of the world’s beer — is not strange considering its population. And you might discover a vast variety of craft beers across Shanghai internationally and locally to assist that craving.

Boxing Cat Brewery has three city-wide brewpub venues— the better to taste offers such as their contest-winning dry-hopped Sucker Punch pale ale. The brewery frequently teams up with other Chinese and foreign beer brands to create one-offs such as Emperor’s Horses Lychee Pilsner with Brewing Co.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels may be tiny, but it’s large on the history of beer. Typically, the Trappist monasteries that established so much of their storied beer traditions are not accessible to the public — and scattered around the landscape — so why not go to Brussels to sample their brews at leisure? Cantillon is one of the few revered breweries providing daily tours, renowned for its fruity lambic beers. Stop for a taste or spend a couple of hours sampling many of these quirky, naturally fermented beers at Moedic Lambic.
The Brussels Beer Project, a contemporary brewery focusing on cooperation and creative thinking, is on the reverse side of the scale. You’re destined to discover something fascinating with more than 40 fresh beers coming out of their tanks each year.

Portland Maine, United States

As the United States town with the most per capita microbrews, Portland is at the head of the must-visit list of every beer lover. Stop at Novare Res in the neighbourhood of Old Port to sample a lot of Maine beers in one go-round. From founders such as Allagash to newcomers such as Bissell Brothers, Maine Beer Co., and Liquid Riot, the revolving taps of the bar will not displease.

Oxbow Blending & Bottling incorporates the barrel-aging room via an airy factory-style taproom for the European-inspired beers of the brewing company, like the flagship Farmhouse pale ale. Take a bowl of Belgian frites outside the Duckfat Frites Shop window in hot weather.

Tokyo, Japan

Hidden by a staircase (but clear from outside the big illuminated pint window), Popeye is Tokyo’s oldest craft beer bar, established in 1960 as a “Western-style pub” and extending its beer range in the 1990s. With 70 taps, the bar now holds a variety of Japanese, American and foreign drinks and is also an izakaya.

In Baird Harajuku Tap Room, one of two tasting rooms for Japanese craft brewing mainstay Baird Beer in Tokyo, a much more contemporary mixture of izakaya and brew is spotted. US style pizza is the focus at the second in Nakameguro — but both monthly unique beers and key offers are prepared to match your meals at either location.

Berlin, Germany

It can be daunting to explore one of the most storied beer towns in Germany. While entrepreneurial Berliners have developed maps and tours to assist beer enthusiasts visit, there are a range of locations to discover pilsners, marzens and rauchbiers on their own. The Brauhaus Lemke is the oldest craft brewer in Berlin, celebrating its 20th anniversary in company with a subterranean room close to Alexanderplatz. The Brauhaus Lemke am Schloss is also managed by Lemke, a restaurant and beer garden located in the oldest brewery in the town.

Victoria, BC Canada

The beer movement came to Victoria early, with its first tasting room launching in 1984 and ever-increasing numbers of beer brands and beer-focused shops. Some of the craft beer pioneers of BC at Swans Brewery continue to attract faithful supporters to its excellently-appointed taproom and accommodation. Canoe Brewpub, a fellow iconic figure of the scene, is just around the corner where you can kick back on the patio with a delicious pale ale.

Hoyne, a brewing company produced by Swans ‘ former brewmaster and co-founder of Canoe, exemplifies the next gen of Victoria craft beer. With creations like Entre Nous, a Belgian-style witbier brewed with BC cherries, Sean Hoyne is now flying his own flag.

Rome, Italy

Why wouldn’t you grab a pint of Vento Forte IPA in the Eternal City instead of a glass of Trebbiano? Start with a taste at one of the biggest craft beer manufacturers in Italy, Birra Baladin. Excursions are only accessible on Sundays, but the large beer garden is ideal for a beer and a bite — with variants such as the smoky Garden and the spicy Soraya Summer Ale available solely on tap.

Pick up a huge porchetta sandwich at the small rock-and-roll-focused Donkey Punch store for livelier alternatives and drink a glass with a golden ale from Birra Plurale. At Ma Che Siente Venuti a Fà, one of the initial Roman craft beer bars, pull up a stool for people watching. You will be ready to answer the query posed by their name with 16 taps featuring global pours and a knowledgeable employees: “What did you come here for?”

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s breweries and bars are perfect places for a stripped-back night of sampling and discussion, living up to Australia’s pleasant and mellow reputation. At The Catfish, a simple, sleepy neighbourhood bar that doubles as a live music venue and, unlikely, a Philly cheesesteak emporium, the taps always pour local craft choices.
For 10 years, Thunder Road, a bigger brewery in downtown Melbourne, has turned out to be complicated, exciting beers. Try the Australian hops with the Pacific Breeze Aussie ale and grab a snack from the Airstream trailer in the atrium.

Cape Town, South Africa

South African Breweries have been the only venue in the nation for the previous decade. Fortunately, the beer revolution has altered, and Cape Town is jumping with fresh alternatives. Jack Black’s is a favorite local enterprise established by a couple of long-term contract brewers that launched their own tap room and flagship brewery in 2016. Stop by for a burger and a pint of Brewers Lager or Butcher Block pale ale in their malty pre-prohibition style.
The successful Banana Jam café has coated beer enthusiasts with 30 tap drinks and a Caribbean food menu to pair with them. House ales are always accessible such as the Afro Caribbean Coconut IPA or Pirate Porter, with a rotating list of other regional alternatives.

Lisbon, Portugal

When you only have a moment in Lisbon to drink one beverage, why not do it in a royal tunnel of the 18th century? The Quimera beer pub is located in an underground path to the Palácio das Necessidades, used by King Manuel II as an escape route when the monarchy collapsed in 1910. Go to Marvila, the beer district of Lisbon, for a longer visit. Three local breweries designated this neighbourhood designation: Musa, Lince, and Dois Corvos. They are located within a block of each other, although each operates separately, which makes a beer crawl simple to achieve.

Tallinn, Estonia

As the creators of Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend, when it comes to Estonian brewing, Põhjala Brewery has a lot of investment in this sector. These relative leaders have been brewing since 2011 on the local craft beer market. Their brand-new brewpub and 24-tap beer garden premiered to display their own beverages and collaborations with guests at the end of 2018, served alongside US BBQ.

In Porgu, a underground bar and restaurant in Old Town, more Estonian brews take precedence over the draft list. Seek out a truly Estonian taste the koduõlu style, a raw farmhouse ale from the Pihtla brewery on the island of Saaremaa.

Warsaw, Poland

Often a few individuals might define the recent craft beer trend as “hop assault,” but only one Polish beer takes that sentence as its name. An American-style IPA, Atak Chmielu is Pinta’s signature drink. The brewers have extended their variety since the first introduction of this hoppy brew in 2011 and now features a number of sours. This is simply a location that can’t be ignored on your travels!
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