Pigtoberfest by Boneshire
Brew Works

In honor of Boneshire Brew Works celebrating their fourth
anniversary tonight, I’ve decided to wait a day or two to do the
final of the streaming session’s beer reviews, and instead put
this review up. Also, earlier I threw up a throwback post of our
beer review of
This is The Way (by Broken Goblet)
due to today also being the
premier of Season 2 of The Mandalorian, on our Facebook page.
Which, do yourself a favor, and watch it. (As soon as you finish
reading this review.)

In a year where everything has happened from plagues to fires to
Oktoberfest being cancelled in Germany, its great to get to
celebrate Boneshire Brew Works turning 4 tonight. And its great to
be celebrating it with what looks like a fantastic tap list. (I
have four new ones to try out on the tap list I see.) They have,
what I will have to do a review of – primarily because Alan (head
brewer / co-owner) said he would never make – a smoked pumpkin
bear (Gourd Damnit) as well as two new English Curse variants (one
with Graham Crackers and one S’mores) – as well as a variant
he’s done in the past – English Curse with Hazelnut. As well as
several of their regular offerings – English Curse (regular),
Tried and True, Devil’s Burden. Also, a new IPA is on the tap
list – Slight Miscalculations (Mango). Interested in checking
that one out as well. So, definitely a lot of great beers to try,
come on out tonight and check them out. They are celebrating their
4th Anniversary all weekend.

At the end of the article, I’ll put up some of the links to
our other beer reviews, and some of the news articles about
Boneshire Brew Works we’ve done, like their
expanding into a second taproom in Harrisburg

But for now, let’s dive into this brewski.

Pigtoberfest by Boneshire
Brew Works

Beer: Pigtoberfest
Brewery: Boneshire Brew Works
Style: Festbier
ABV: 5%
IBU: None
Untappd Description: Behold the finest Festbier this side of the
Rhine. Prost!

Its hard to see from the picture because of the mug club mug,
but the beer looks every bit of a cross between a marzen and a
festbier. Whereas marzens tend to be more amber, festbiers tend to
be a bit more on the golden side of the scale. The two styles can
slightly start going towards each other (some marzens could be a
bit lighter, some festbiers could be a bit darker), but typically,
marzens are more amber, and festbiers are more golden. This is a
bit of a mixture, it has some slight darker looks to it, but mostly
golden. Perhaps the mug is distorting my view of it too, so there
could be some of that, it might be lighter than I’m thinking it
is, or giving it credit for. There was a slight foamy, creamy head
that dispersed relatively quickly.

Aroma is bready, heady, with some spices thrown in. There’s
some honey notes to it, but mostly the fall spices and the bready
notes come through the most. A bit of brown sugar perhaps to round
things off, hard to pinpoint it exactly.

The taste is locked on for festbier. You have your honey, your
dough, your fall spices, your malt, your bread, your brown sugar,
all to give it the various complexities. The complexities for this
work in conjunction with each other, so its great. Sometimes a beer
can be too complex or have too many ingredients, and it just
doesn’t work. Here, you don’t have too many ingredients, but
you do have differences and complexities, and they work together
and work well. There is definite notes of honey, dough, spices like
cinnamon or nutmeg, brown sugar and the malt for sweetness. There
is a breadyness to it from the dough and the malt, the honey and
sugar and malt give it some sweetness, and the spices give it a bit
of a fun, interesting kick. This is a wonderful and great fall
weather beer, and will be great tonight on their anniversary, with
the rainy, dreary, damp, wet, cold weather. This will taste just
right and warm you up perfectly. Make sure you stop in and try it,
along with the other goodies Alan has going at Boneshire Brew Works

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Rating: 3.82 (as of 10.30.20)

Like I said above, this whole weekend Boneshire Brew Works is
celebrating their 4th Anniversary of being open. So please, come on
out, support local beer and breweries and local hard working
families, and drink some delicious beers.

Some Boneshire Brew Works articles:

Maybe I’ll see you out there tonight, I’ll most likely there
around 6:30-7PM. Cheers!

-B. Kline

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