As we explained in
a previous post
, Airways Brewing’s
founder and brew guru, Alex Dittmar, and Morgan Herzog, founder of
West Seattle’s The Beer Junction,
shared a passion for Seinfeld. Not just a passion, but an uncommon
and borderline unhealthy affection for the infamous television show
about nothing. Well, before
Morgan passed away
earlier this year, the two planned
to make some beer to celebrate their shared Seinfeld affliction.
They’ve now released the second beer in the Seinfeld/Airways/Beer
Junction collaboration series:Rochelle Rochelle, an IPA’s Exotic
Journey. This collaboration adventure also included

But that ain’t all! The Beer Junction announced today that
they’re introducing a pint-to-go program. Yep, get delicious
draft beer by the pint, in a refillable container. (Below, Allison
with one of the to-go pints).


Here is the announcement from The Beer Junction about all of
this, from their weekly newsletter:

Hope you all are doing well. We are very proud to announce this
week the release of Rochelle Rochelle! So what’s the deal with
Rochelle Rochelle IPA? Yet another collaboration between The Beer
Junction, Airways, and Narrows Brewing in our on-going homage to
our mutually-beloved Seinfeld; Rochelle Rochelle is loaded with
Strata and Citra hops so juicy you’ll want to set down your wet
hops and come sit by the fire. Experience a story about life, and
love, and becoming an IPA. Save yourself a seat, a 4-pack, and
experience what the Village Voice is calling a masterpiece. Whether
you’re in West Seattle, Milan, or Minsk; if you’re a
close-talker, the master of your domain, or you work at the jerk
store; don’t be a silly goose and miss out on this one! Celebrate
Festivus like the best of us with Rochelle Rochelle!

We also are happy to announce this week that we will be
beginning a Pint-To-Go program! Want to enjoy a pint of draft beer
with dinner, but don’t want to commit to a whole growler? We’ve
got you covered! Take home a 16oz pint of your favorite craft beer
and keep the pint glass. Return and get it refilled again and again
just like you would with a standard 64oz Growler. And for the dark
beer aficionados out there, we have 8oz jars ready to be filled
with tasty bourbon barrel aged stout! Both sizes of to-go glass are
yours to keep for just $4 each. Live your best life this winter
with the finest craft beer we have to offer in the comfort of your
own abode.

Finally, just a reminder that the deadline for ordering our
November Beers of the Month Box is only one week away! Place your
orders online or in-store by Friday, Nov. 6th and see what we’ve
got planned for you all this month!

Allison, Sully, and the Beer Junction team

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