invites you to join them for the

first-ever virtual Sightglass Seminar
on Tuesday,
November 10th. (Order tickets and beer now.) The theme is Wood and
Barrel-aged Beers and the event features members of the Reuben’s
team discussing the brewery’s philosophy about these styles. It
includes a guided tasting of special bottlings of wood-aged and
barrel-aged beers made especially for this event.

The Sightglass Seminars are a series of educational
events intended to give beer enthusiasts deeper insight into the
beer styles they love. These events were formerly known as Tasting

For this one, guests will have a chance to drink and discuss a
range of beers from the brewery’s barrel-aging and wild programs,
and also to ask the brewers questions about the beers and the
processes. When you sign up, basically, you are ordering the beer
and getting access to the online seminar. It becomes more clear
when you visit
the website
and see what they are offering. Then, you tune in
as directed for the seminar and enjoy the beer as you learn about
what you are drinking.

Each ticketed participant receives the beers, entry to the
online seminar, and a Reuben’s Brews glass from which to drink
the beer. And of course, expert information from the brewery’s
team on all aspects of barrel-aging (history, flavor contributions,
brewing beers built for wood, and so on).

Your order (beers and glassware) will be available for pickup
from the Reuben’s Brews Taproom between November 1st and November
10th. The brewery is unable to send beer home with you in small
taster portions to make tasting multiple styles feasible without
raising the ticket price. The beers will be provided in full-size

“Each ticket will provide you with two bottles of barrel-aged
beer and one can,†the brewery explains. “However, we also
recognize that many of you would like to sample multiple styles,
and in order to help facilitate that, we are offering two different
“Bundlesâ€. Many of you are participating with a friend and
therefore, if you each select a different bundle, you can sample
more beers for free with your existing tickets. Or you may choose
to upgrade your ticket by purchasing the second bundle for

the event website
for complete information about
pricing and about what is included with each bundle. You can place
your orders now, pick it up later, and then the event takes place
on Tuesday, November 10th.



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