Australia’s Best Craft Brewery 2020 – Top 10

Australia's Best Craft Brewery 2020 - Top 10

Congratulations goes to Black Hops who, for the first year has
been rated Australia’s best craft brewery.

There have been a number of big moves in the top 10 including
Black Hops (5th to 1st), Deeds (120th to 5th), Mr Banks (44th to
9th) and Coopers (37th to 10th).

Full list below:

Brewery%Total votes
Black Hops Brewing7.0%1079
Balter Brewing4.7%732
Bentspoke Brewing Co3.8%594
Stone & Wood3.5%534
Hop Nation Brewing Co2.6%400
Dainton Family Brewery2.6%399
Bridge Road Brewers2.3%354
Mr Banks Brewing Co1.9%292
Rocky Ridge Brewing Co1.8%281
Moon Dog Brewing Co1.7%265
Capital Brewing Co1.7%263
Modus Operandi Brewing Company1.7%261
Range Brewing1.6%254
Burleigh Brewing Company1.6%253
4 Pines Brewing Company1.6%245
Colonial Brewing Co1.5%232
Pirate Life1.5%228
Mountain Culture Beer Co1.5%227
Ballistic Beer Co1.4%219
Little Creatures Brewing1.2%182
Feral Brewing Company1.2%178
Batch Brewing Company1.1%175
Stomping Ground Brewing Co1.1%172
Akasha Brewing Company1.1%167
Big Shed Brewing Concern1.1%164
Young Henrys1.0%162
Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers1.0%159
Little Bang Brewing Company1.0%155
Hope Brewery1.0%147
3 Ravens0.9%144
Grifter Brewing Company0.9%135
Wildflower Brewing & Blending0.8%127
Kaiju! Beer0.7%105
James Squire0.6%99
Green Beacon Brewing Company0.6%97
Bacchus Brewing Company0.6%96
Wayward Brewing Co0.6%87
Your Mates Brewing Co0.5%85
One Drop Brewing Co0.5%82
Sauce Brewing Co0.5%82
La Sirene Brewing0.5%79
The Beer Farm0.5%78
Two Birds Brewing0.5%78
Wilson Brewing Company0.5%78
Hawkers Beer0.5%77
Philter Brewing0.5%77
Aether Brewing0.5%76
Two Bays Brewing Co0.4%68
All Inn Brewing Co0.4%67
CoConspirators Brewing0.4%67
Thirsty Crow Brewing Co0.4%67
Fixation Brewing Co0.4%65
Bright Brewery0.4%64
Gage Roads Brewing Co0.4%64
Blackman’s Brewery0.4%60
Sailors Grave Brewing0.4%58
Otherside Brewing Co0.4%57
Hemingway’s Brewery0.4%56
Newstead Brewing Company0.4%56
Holgate Brewhouse0.4%55
Bad Shepherd Brewing0.3%52
Mountain Goat Beer0.3%51
Currumbin Valley Brewing0.3%50
Prancing Pony Brewery0.3%50
Stockade Brew Co0.3%47
Brouhaha Brewery0.3%44
Nomad Brewing Company0.3%44
Watsacowie Brewing Co0.3%43
Bodriggy Brewing Company0.3%42
Boston Brewing Co0.3%42
Cheeky Monkey Brewery & Cidery0.3%42
Moo Brew0.3%41
Nail Brewing Australia0.3%40
Mismatch Brewing Company0.3%39
2 Brothers Brewery0.2%37
Sunday Road Brewing Co0.2%36
Willie The Boatman0.2%36
Heads of Noosa Brewing Co0.2%35
Fat Yak / Yak Ales0.2%34
Innate Brewers0.2%34
Revel Brewing Co0.2%33
Wolf of the Willows0.2%33
10 Toes Brewery0.2%32
Brick Lane Brewing Co0.2%31
Molly Rose Brewing0.2%31
Rusty Penny Brewing Co0.2%31
Yulli’s Brews0.2%31
Murrays Craft Brewing Co0.2%30
Goodieson Brewery0.2%29
Shambles Brewery0.2%29
Tallboy and Moose0.2%28
Two Metre Tall Company0.2%28
Jetty Road Brewery0.2%27
White Rabbit0.2%26
Riverside Brewing Company (NSW)0.2%25
Six String Brewing Co0.2%25
Slipstream Brewing Co0.2%25
A Local Beer0.2%25
Eagle Bay Brewing Co0.2%24
Hobart Brewing Company0.2%24
New England Brewing Co.0.2%24
Seven Mile Brewing Co0.1%23
Westside Ale Works0.1%23
Foghorn Brewhouse0.1%22
Fox Hat Brewing0.1%22
Hargreaves Hill Brewing Co0.1%22
Matso’s Broome Brewery0.1%22
Moffat Beach Brewing Company0.1%22
Pioneer Brewing Co0.1%22
Barossa Valley Brewing0.1%21
Byron Bay Brewing Co0.1%21
Lord Nelson Brewery0.1%21
Ocean Reach Brewing0.1%21
4 Brothers Brewing0.1%20
4 Hearts Brewing Company0.1%20
Dollar Bill Brewing0.1%20
Hairyman Brewery0.1%20
Lost Palms Brewing Co0.1%20
Macalister Brewing Company0.1%20
Mornington Peninsular Brewery0.1%20
St Andrews Beach Brewery0.1%20
Wild Hop Brewing Company0.1%20
Badlands Brewery0.1%18
Bay Road Brewing0.1%18
Black Dog Brewery0.1%18
BoJaK Brewing0.1%18
Bruny Island Beer Co0.1%18
Cupitt Craft Ales0.1%18
Ekim Brewing Company0.1%18
Woolshed Brewery0.1%18
Burnley Brewing0.1%17
Townsville Brewing Company0.1%17
Black Brewing Co0.1%16
Vale Brewing (Mclaren Vale Beer)0.1%16
Exit Brewing0.1%15
Helios Brewing Company0.1%15
Last Rites Brewing Co0.1%15
Red Duck Brewery0.1%15
The Coastal Brewing Company0.1%15
Tumut River Brewing Company0.1%15
Brewhouse Margaret River0.1%14
Bucket Brewery0.1%14
Hopsters Cooperative Brewery0.1%14
Edge Brewing Project0.1%13
Future Mountain Brewing0.1%13
Inner North Brewing Co0.1%13
Jindabyne Brewing Company0.1%13

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